You have 60 Minutes to Escape. What can you do? We are 60 Minute Escape Game, Rutherford County's Premiere and Number One Rated Escape Game company, and we have our players to thank! At 60 Minute Escape Game you not only get to play a unique one of a kind escape game that can't be found anywhere else, you get to live it!

Fun For All Families, Friends, & Functions.

We know you want to escape, but can you? We can play host to participation groupings of all sizes. We want you to get the absolute most out of your adventure whether by yourself, on a date, with friends or family, or even with your company. We can't wait to see you!

Individual Challenge

Rolling Solo? No problem, we will set you up with a crew.

With Friends

Have friends who think they can solve anything? Let em' try.

With Family

Bring your Uncle and his magnificent bald head. Might come in handy!

Team Building

Small or Large, bring the team and learn real teamwork.

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Latest Escape Rooms Time is Running Out.

Seeking an epic adventure? Need a spark for that slowly flickering fire? Looking for more than just work to escape from? Try stepping out of the typical escape games and into a world ripped straight from the pages of your favorite fables, and see if you have what it takes to ESCAPE!





A few years have passed since the end of World War II. The general public has been told that Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been shifted to civilian control and has been winding down production of any more atomic bombs, however, this information has not made it to the Communist ears. A news announcement breaks, Russia has launched an early prototype of their Tsar Bomba hydrogen bomb and will impact the Oak Ridge, TN area in 60 minutes. The emergency broadcast network urges everyone to seek shelter immediately to avoid the deadly blast and radiation. Frantically looking for shelter, you find an old rundown farmhouse. The door is locked, obviously the owner didn't want strangers to use his house. Players must find the keys to unlock the shelter, get inside, and seal the door shut before the bomb detonates.





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  • Houdini's

  • 21m.31s Remaining

  • Lamberts

  • 21m.08s Remaining

  • English Mormons

  • 18m.00s Remaining




It's been awhile since the final correspondence of your friends. Something must have gone wrong. You and your companions have arrived to find their dig site abandoned.

As you take your first step, you hear a rattling behind the walls as if crawling beneath your skin. Overwhelmed with fear, you turn to flee, but a stone descends from the ceiling, crushing your exit. You are now guests of the Scarab King, and the only way out lies in the darkness ahead. Find your friends and seek out the Heart of the King. Only then will you escape his fate.


60 Minute Escape Game Murfreesboro is not part of a chain, so this place is even more impressive when you realize that the owners created almost everything themselves. My favorite was Pharaoh's Chamber... (more)




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  • Pharaoh's Heart

  • 15m.16s Remaining

  • Winchester

  • 10m.47s Remaining

  • Tomb Raiders

  • 10m.43s Remaining

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image blog
photo blog 60 Minute Escape | Jan. 17, 2017

the PHARAOH'S CHAMBER has Opened!

It's been a very long time coming. We have poured a lot of time and attention into the next release for your 60 Minute Escape Game. The highly anticipated release of the Pharaoh's Chamber - Tomb of the Scarab King has finally arrived.

We have been incredibly blessed with some amazing feedback that has gone directly into making this next escape game room truly a one of a kind adventure. Many of you have asked what kind of game it is? What is the difficulty? When will it be here? Simple answer is that the Pharaoh's Chamber is an Epic Adventure the likes of which can only be rivaled by Egypt itself.

Venture the Tombs of the long forgotten Scarab King and seek to Escape his wrath. Think you have what it takes? Let's find out.

image blog
photo blog 60 Minute Escape | Nov. 23, 2016

Thank you Murfreesboro, We Did It!

It has been an incredible journey that we are honored to share with you. The Ruthies for 2016 called and you answered with a resounding 60 MINUTE ESCAPE for Murfreesboro's favorite Escape Game company. Thank you for everything you have done to help us along the way.

To show our appreciation, the first 25 people to book using Promo Code RUTHIES will receive 20% off their individual ticket price towards Fallout! Let's Play a Game!!!

image blog
photo blog Daily News Journal | APR. 14 2016

Murfreesboro's First Real Escape Game

MURFREESBORO — The parents of "Amercian Idol" alumnus Colton Dixon are taking on a new adventure now that they are empty nesters.Reese and Mike Dixon are opening Murfreesboro’s first escape room, 60 Minute Escape, at 167 Mall Circle near Stones River Mall.

The Dixons had a target date of opening on Memorial Day on May 30, but they might get beta testing done before then, Reese Dixon said. “Build out has gone weeks ahead of schedule,” Mike Dixon said. “Now we’re working on the theme, décor and puzzles.”

Escape rooms like 60 Minute Escape are a type of physical adventure game that have become...