About 60 Minute Escape




We are Reese and Mike Dixon, owners of 60 Minute Escape. We love being with family and friends exploring new challenges. This lead to our kids inviting us to an Escape room late 2014. Many games later with years of talking about wanting to open something different in our home town…

the Escape business was the perfect fit. We hope to give back to Murfreesboro, an entertainment and exciting alternative. One that not only helps give families great memories for years to come but provides everyone the chance to escape into another world of adventure all together.


Sam Underwood
Game Master Extraordinaire
Sam is our resident Escape Game Running expert. Sam has played every game in the local and surrounding area and beaten more than her fair share. Couple that with the Game Mastering-Mastery and you have a force to behold.
William Garrison
Game / Web / Print and Graphic Designer
Really anything that 60 needs, I will do. We are all one humble family and we work together to make things happen. Always have and always will. Game Mastered for a while but now a full time designer for 60 Minute Escape.
Schyler Walden
Game Master / Supervisor
Sky has been here from day one ribbon cutting, and well before of course. She is quite a talented Game Master as well as a gifted personable young lady with her fathers sense of humor. But do not step out of line, lest you incur the wrath.
Ozzie Dixon
Love & Fur Disperser
I keep all the game masters in line. Things tend to get exciting in the control room. So it is my job to sleep and randomly express feelings and needs for each and every situation. Also, don't leave me alone please. I get vocal.

So Who IS 60 Minute Escape?

60 minute escape is a locally family owned and operated business. our goal is to offer the best entertainment alternative for every individual or group. we want you to enjoy 60 minute escape from the moment you walk into our lobby from your game experience, to your crazy photos before you leave.

Goals for Our Gamers.


From the time you walk into our lobby, to the time you leave, we want you to be in awe — filled with excitement and wonder.


Yes, of course we want you to play and have fun, but we also want to challenge you. That is half of the fun of the escape, the challenge.


When you step out of our game(s) we want to leave you with lasting memories that will keep you entertained for years to come.